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Our company has been at the forefront of personal injury cases for over 20 years.  We understand the difficulties that these cases can bring to any type of facility including both the legal and medical aspects.  We have developed a streamlined system to ensure any referring doctor that their patient will be properly cared for.  Our facilities are experts at navigating the billing aspect in motor vehicle collisions.  Which can take years to get paid, we are willing to take the long term risk so you don’t have too.  Most of our specialists solely treat auto injuries and are experts in this field.



A patient that has been involved in an auto accident calls your facility.


Direct the patient to our website or give them our phone number.


We will have them scheduled within a few hours at one of our facilities.


A qualified physician will contact them to discuss their injuries and next steps.


We know that your biggest concern is for the well being of your patient and your patient base.  Rest assured that your patients will be seeing the top doctors in the personal injury space in the entire state of Colorado.  We will also select providers that are convenient for your patients to see to minimize travel and stress.  Our network extends across the entire state.  If you would like to receive status updates we will work with your referral doctor to openly communicate with you. 

We view our company as a supplement to your practice, we are the specialists in all types of personal injury cases. Our goal is simple: Help your patient to recover from their injuries and have them return back to your office.