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colorado physician referral network

Our company has been at the forefront of personal injury cases for over 20 years.  We understand the difficulties that these cases can bring on including both the legal and medical aspects.  We have developed a streamlined system to ensure that you will be seen by the proper physicians in a timely manner.  Due to most of our physicians solely specializing in auto accidents you will never have to pay anything out of your pocket.  

Auto accidents will quickly make everything in your life significantly more difficult.  We understand this fact and we will also help guide you through the process.


If the accident wasn’t your fault, we will bill the at fault party utilizing the auto insurance. There will be zero cost for you.

You have options but they are limited. If you have medical payments on your auto policy you can treat for no cost, up to the policy limits. We are well trained to determine coverage in these types of cases.

Studies have shown that injuries can happen even at very low speeds. We highly recommend getting evaluated after all collisions. Additionally, some individuals will have slowly progressive symptoms or delayed onset of their symptoms.

Due to the legal issues within a personal injury case, most doctors are not equipped to handle these types of cases. It sometimes can take years to receive payment and most doctors aren’t willing to take this risk. Within our network, our systems are set up to handle these types of issues.